RCN Research Themes and Associate Work Products


This RCN's (RCN-SEES: Sustainable Cities-- People and the Energy-Climate-Water Nexus, NSF award #1140384) actvities will lead to the development of:


-Interdisciplinary systems framework(s) to represent linkages between people, infrastructures, and the natural system, from the city-scale to the global scale, that shape sustainability outcomes in cities


-Harmonized methods and international data standards to operationalize the framework, to report the actors who shape urban infrastructures and consumption patterns toward sustainability


-A network of 12 global cities for testing the framework and its component theories and models/methods in cities with different natural, infrastructural, socioeconomic and cultural characteristics


-A virtual collaborative forum to share research methods, experiences and teaching tools across more than 20+ US universities on the common thematic area of sustainable cities