International Partners

About the International Partners


The US RCN research team is nicely complemented by International Sustainability Networks led by academic institutions in Australia, Asia and the European Union. Collaboration with the international partners will help ensure method and data collection standardization, as well as broader implementation and impact of research findings.

International Partners

  • Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network (AURIN)

    AURIN will provide built environment and urban researchers, designers and planners with infrastructure to facilitate access to a distributed network of aggregated datasets and information services.

  • The Global Carbon Project

    The Global Carbon Project was formed to assist the international science community to establish a common, mutually agreed knowledge base supporting policy debate and action to slow the rate of increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


  • The Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK)

    PIK addresses crucial scientific questions in the fields of global change, climate impacts and sustainable development. Researchers from the natural and social sciences work together to generate interdisciplinary insights and to provide society with sound information for decision making.